Chief Creatives

A multi-disciplinary artist, director & designer. Exploring art, experiences, design and color in all of its forms. Let's get your project out there together!


We are a full service studio working on

any 5 creative disciplines at a time. We are based out of Seattle, WA


We're great at animation, videos, commercial interior design, documentaries,

furniture design, fabrication, lighting, concept design,

character design, book illustration, photography, website design,

social media articles, interviewing, storyboarding,

script writing, improv, directing, motion graphics, glass art, color consulting,

CAD & blueprints, metal, jewelry, toy design, graphic design, etc.

MK Barr

Frank Burk

I live by the philosophy that about anyone can do about anything with the right tools and reference material, as long as you enjoy learning along the way.